Friday, October 24, 2008

Irn Bru commercials

Ok, so I found the red car blue car advert and was reminded of lots of old ads, but I decided to share some Irn Bru ads cause they're the best. Irn Bru is a very popular Scottish soft drink/soda. I think for a while, Scotland was one of the only countries where coca cola wasn't the hightest selling soft drink, because Irn Bru held the number 1 spot. Unhealthy though it may be, it is a drink cherished in the hearts of many a Scots person. It's a drink of national pride.
And the tv ads are great.

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Snobound said...

Oh how I love Irn Bru. I have two bottles in my pantry that I want to drink so badly, but then I'd have no bottles...just knowing they're in there brings me comfort!