Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fun Weekend

Had a great weekend. On Saturday we set off nice and early and went to some yard sales to get some clothes for the girls. They needed some sweaters and trousers for fall and winter. Their closets are full of shorts and dresses just now. We didn't have much success, but it was fun visiting the yard sales anyway. Then we headed off to the pumkin patch (pics to come).

It was a bright, sunny, mild and very pleasant day and we were out for HOURS at the pumpkin patch. Didn't notice time passing at first, but by the end of it my feet were aching, and believe it or not, I got some sunburn on my face! In October.

We had fun playing on the lifesize candy land game, picking apples from the tree (dunno if we were supposed to but we did it anyway), walking through the corn, seeing all the displays, feeding the goats, riding the tricycles and just running around in the fresh air. Much fun.

On the way home we visited one more yard sale and picked up a huge sack of clothes for 25c each! Not bad.

Saturday evening my brother, Doug, came over to visit. After the kids were in bed we watched a couple episodes of pushing daisies. It's always nice to see Doug.

This morning we went to church. We've been going to Lincoln Berean church for a few months and are really enjoying it. The kids love the sunday school there. Its a mega church and we love the music and the preaching.

We grabbed a snacky lunch in the car then visisted another yard sale where I got Zoe some clothes (gymboree things for a dollar each), Then onto walmart for our weekly grocery shop (not fun). Survived that.

Then it was time to head back out to our church for a Veggie Tales show! It was loads of fun. The girls were tired (it started at 7.30pm) and hungry (we hadn't had time for supper) but excited and very well behaved. The show was fantastic and we were all singing and dancing.

We're home now and the kids have crashed out.

The highlight of the whole weekend though, has been little Glenn's latest achievement. He's been smiling at me! Big huge beautiful smiles which just melt me. He looks up and me and smiles with his whole face. His cheeks are adorable, and his eyes scrunch up. I'm going to have to try to catch one on camera. Sooooo precious. Nothing like a babies first smiles. Nothing in the world.

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Snobound said...

Sounds like a fun and busy weekend! Thanks for sharing it with us.