Monday, August 31, 2009

Brag post

I'm a mum. I like to brag about my kids 'cause I think they're the bestest. I'm allowed to do this. This is my blog after all.

{insert toothy grin here}

Here's Turtle toddling around. I *love* the early walks. It's so freaking cute.

Oh, and please ignore the background noise in both of these videos. This is my house, full of monkeys. There is always background noise (like right now, Zoe and Lana are locked in mortal combat over a helium balloon disagreement and it is generating a significant level of background noise).

And here's Zoe the artist. She *loves* to draw. You'll remember, she got started at and early age. She can entertain herself for hours drawing. Unfortunately it won't just be on paper. It will be on her, on her siblings, on the furniture and the walls. She's even drawn with chalk on the neighbor's lawnmower (oops, sorry guys).

Until recently, it's just been scribbles or circles. But now she draws faces, bodies, bugs, butterflies and even an occasional letter of the alphabet. (brag brag brag, but isn't she clever?)

She is a little ambidextrous but she does favor her left hand. Here she starts off drawing with her right hand just because I confused her when I handed her the green crayon and asked her to draw a green monster, but she didn't want to give up the orange one. She quickly switches to her other hand and takes over with it.


lady mommy said...

LOL!!! "mommy monsters dont HAVE ears!!" Who is the politically correct child? Sierra just started tracing her name, I am so proud. I was blown away at how well Zoe draws, she is very talented. She talks very well too. You have a very brilliant child.

Di said...

hehehe and so you should brag!! So funny! I remember when my Daniel started walking at just 10mths. It looked so cute and also somehow wrong hahaha He looked too small! Loved seeing both videos! But also makes me miss you more. I can't just jump on the motorway up to Scotland to visit! x

jj said...

Arw, both videos are adorable! Wee baby blue toddling around the kitchen, that IS just too cute! And I love seeing little ones with crayons, I could sit watching Jorja for ages when she's drawing! Amazing!