Friday, August 21, 2009

Family of veggies

Lana and I became vegetarian in 2007 after she started crying when I served up chicken and she realized it was previously a live chicken. I have not regretted it at all, and I preached from my soap box about the issue here.

A year ago, Kaya decided she wanted to become vegetarian too. Mostly because Lana and I were, and I think she felt left out a bit. She loves the taste of meat and allowed herself to eat it on holidays, and she'd look so forward to holidays. But recently she won't even eat meat on holidays. She says she likes the smell of meat still, but never wants to eat it again.

Rene and I discussed what to do with Turtle and Zoe, and eventually agreed that we'd raise them vegetarian until they ever express an opinion otherwise. We won't feed them animals until they are old enough to understand meat comes from animals and request to eat it.

Which left us with Rene as the sole carnivore of the family. I rarely cooked meat for him, but he'd eat it if we went out to eat or if someone brought something at work etc. And then he'd eat meat, and as much of it as possible. He enjoyed it very much.

Until recently. I completely, did not put any pressure on him (I haven't even expressed opinion to him on the matter, so don't blame me, peeps!). He decided to go veggie too, out of love for his daughter. He is an amazing Dad! Read about his decision on his blog post about it .

So now we're a completely vegetarian family. It does make me very happy!


DJ said...

I love this post, Niecey, cos' it shows that it doesn't have to be a big hullabaloo, change can occur for any number of reasons. My husband was an avowed meat-eater when me and the kids became vegan. After six months of our abstaining from animal products and eating along with us, understanding that it's not just about eating baked potato and beans and salad, and realising that actually, he didn't really like meat all that much anyway, he became vegetarian. The last person I would have ever thought to do so! I read Rene's post - aww, bless!

2Shaye ♪♫ said...

Oh Niecey. I know you must be thrilled. I remember reading the original post and thinking how much a daughter's request can affect a father.

We began making drastic changes in our meat eating a few months back. We're not 100% vegetarian, but we rarely ever have any meat products in our house. It's not a religious decision for us, but an ethical decision. The movie Earthlings was eye-opening -- we had no idea of what's been happening in meat production facilities. Some of the images I just can't get out of my mind. Ugh!