Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tot Talk Tuesday

I don't have a lot of material this week. I guess I wasn't paying enough attention.

Zoe has recently discovered Blues Clues on netflix and she calls it "cous cous" which is pretty cute.

And the other day I remembered what Lana used to say when she was about 2. We'd be getting our jackets and shoes on ready to leave for church or shopping or whatever and she'd run in panic to pick up whichever was her favorite toy of the day. "Can I take it with me?" she'd politely ask. "You can, but just don't lose it"

And she'd get distraught, "But I HAVE to use it! Please, I have to use it!"

This happened so many times. Until I finally started to remember to reword it, "Just don't get it lost". hehe

And that's all I've got today. sorry.


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MrsW said...

Aw cute - and I do like this reminder that it's Tuesday - since I stopped working I don't know whether I'm coming or going. Even after a couple of years I still wake up and ask what day it is :)

Herb of Grace said...

Pretty cute! Notice I'm joining in today? I finally remembered to write stuff down on the white-board this week! Feel free to congratulate me :D

Kathie said...

Niecey, at least you have some to post! I cannot remember anything this week (but what's new?). I blame it on Noah being sick again.

And the "don't lose it" really hit home for me. So cute. My son, Caleb, actually DID lose his lovey a few weeks ago. He's been distraught a lot since then. We have fortunately found a copy on Ebay (it was a stuffed elephant)...but he knows it's not going to be the same elephant, because his was ratty and beat up (it was his velveteen rabbit). The new one will be clean and pretty, for a while!

Tracy said...

I have such a hard time remembering these things, yet I can remember everything *I* said when I was little and everything my brother said, and it drives me crazy when my parents mix them up. I think my brain is too old for the new info, ha.

septembermom said...

They do get so worried about their favorite things! Glad that I was able to squeeze in my post today:)

Laura said...

"Cous cous" was Dylan's first word. :)