Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tot Talk Tuesday

Zoe has learned how to politely ask someone to move out of her way. She will say "cuse me" in her sweetest voice. 5 minutes ago she was trying to get to the bunnies to give them some hay but there was a bag in the way. So she asked the bag, "Cuse me. I weally need to cuse. The bag is cusing me"

It reminded me that I have to get my TTT post up. So here I am.

Rene reminded me of the one I forgot about from last week. Zoe calls sunscreen ice cream. For whatever reason. And we call her diaper rash cream, "bum cream". Sometimes she gets the two confused. I was applying sunscreen to her in public and she loudly protested, "No, I don't want bum ice cream!"
Frankly, neither would I!

And a sweet one:
Lana was asking me what the word available meant. I explained it meant something wasn't being used and was open to be used. She asked what about if a person is available, what would it mean. So I explained it meant they weren't busy and were free to help if you need help sometime. So she said, "Then, God is available. He is available in Scotland, or America, or Africa, any time we need him". Absolutely.


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2Shaye ♪♫ said...

OH Niecey. These are so cute. But I LOOOOVE Lana's application of "available" to God. AMEN! How STUNNINGLY perfect to see Him this way (and to take advantage of that fact)!!

I hope to get a TTT post up today, but things have started out kind of hectic. We'll see if I make it back to my computer before noon. LOL



MrsW said...

ROFLMAO! Seriously "bum ice-cream" is probably even a flavour too far for Ben & Jerry :))

Herb of Grace said...

Gosh, I just laughed out loud sitting alone in front of my computer....

septembermom said...

I love the one about God being available to everyone. So sweet and intuitive at the same time. Another great Tot Talk, Niecey!

lady mommy said...

Ha love the 'cuse me! Sierra used to do that too when she was 'tuck! behind someone/thing. Too bad I didn't have as much godly insight as your daughter does. Maybe I should be asking her for spiritual advice :)