Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Going veggie

I guess Lana and I have officially gone vegetarian. I was reluctant to post incase it didn't stick but this has been a couple weeks now.

We were sitting eating chicken and Lana was saying it was yummy, then her face changed. And she asked if it was a baby chicken. We assured her it's not a baby one, it's probably an old male one. But she started crying and saying she wanted the chicken to be alive.

We explained to her that some people are vegatarians and don't eat animals. She said she wanted to do that too. I've always been sort of leaning that way too, so I've jumped in on it too. I figured it'll be healthy for us anyway, cut out some of the saturated fats.

Since then we've given her opertunity to eat meat but as soon as she realises its from an animal she refuses it. I think it shows some great free thinking for a 3 year old.

So far I'm making regular meals but using fake meat. I'd love some new vegitarian recipes though if anyone knows and good resources....

Rene and Kaya are still eating meat, so I'll still be cooking some sometimes.


Di said...

Hey Denise :) Just been catching up with your blog and photos :) I've been so busy with work. Anyway, re: vegetarian thing.. it's been happening slowly with me too and hubby. Not really sure why but it has - I use a lot of the meat free products but need to push myself a bit more and find some good vege recipes... So yeah, I get that. Anyway, love to you all. Could you please email me your address when you get a minute. xx

Tracy (TracyA from the BIF board) said...

What a sweet, thoughtful girl you have!

I really hope my daughter will come to the same conclusion someday. I've been a vegetarian for 14 years, but my husband eats meat and I reluctantly agreed that Lily will, too. I insist that nobody ever skirts around the truth of what it is, though, and I won't let anyone force her to eat it.