Tuesday, November 20, 2007

IM conversation

I'm thankful today for cute daughters and instant messenger.

I was upstairs giving Zoe 3 baths in a row cause she pooped all over the place and kicked her feet in it and it was everywhere....meanwhile Kaya heard the noise of Rene logging into instant messenger and she started typing to him, sounding out the words the way she'd pronounce them.

It went like this:

Kaya: dad i lvyosomuts (Dad, I love you so much)
rene: I love you too
rene: very very much
Kaya: dad hayo atwrk (Dad, how are you at work?)
rene: yes - and Im missing you
Kaya: dad duseneuv yio bosis havene dotrs (Dad, does any of your bosses have any daughters?)
rene: I think they do
rene: one of my bosses has a daughter
Kaya: dad vudyosa (dad, would you ask)
Kaya: do you want me to ask about the daughters day?


brandeejaxn said...

aww. How stinking adorable is that?!

Rene said...

How blessed am I! No man has ever been so rich! (Move asside Solomon)

That said - I wish I had his wisdom, how off base what I with the translation... :)

I love you Kaya