Monday, November 26, 2007

Oh my gosh honey and greek yogurt

I've missed greek yogurt, particularly with honey mixed in, so much since moving to the USA. I looked loads of places and couldn't find it anywhere. But today I saw some in the health food store!

Cost over $5 for one tub of it, which is so darn expensive, but such a nice treat. I had some instead of supper tonight. Mmmmm delicious. So much better than regular (especially American) yogurt.

And ya know what's crappy? They don't do chocolate advent callendars here. What's up with that? I haven't seen any advent callendars here in fact, never mind choc ones. We tried making our own today but I wrecked them. We'll have to try again...

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Demi said...

I always get my girls Advent calendars with chocolate inside. I am in Minnesota and we have them many palces. Sometimes Hallmark carries them too. I even saw them at our local Fleet Farm. good luck finding one!