Friday, January 11, 2008

Fashion Conscious

I can't believe this has started already, at 5 years old!

We were getting ready to head out to the kids museum to play for the afternoon today, when kaya came and asked me to help her choose some clothes. Recently she's been chosing her own. She said "I want some clothes that look good, so I'll look like the other children there, and they'll like me and want to play with me".

She told me sometime the kids there won't play with her, and she thinks it might be because her clothes aren't as good :(

Breaks my heart. Of course we had a talk about how she shouldn't compromise herself just to make others happy, and the most important thing is that she's confident in herself and knows she's a good person. If other people don't want to play with her, that's their loss, and clothes are superficial. I know it's all lost on her just now though. And the whole thing seems sad.

Anyway she of course had a great time at the museum, was her usual extrovert, social self and made loads of friends. Had kids running around after her like crazy.
I sure am getting glimpses of the teenage years.

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Fortissimo said...

Miss S. is going through the same thing. She wants to wear makeup or jewelry because she says this is what makes a person "pretty". It makes me sad that it's starting so early in their lives. So slowly we watch the "innocent" nature of kids washed away and that really makes me sad.