Thursday, January 24, 2008

Stuff I Miss About Scotland - Part 1

Welcome to SIMAS (stuff I miss about Scotland) part 1.
Mostly I miss certain foods (well, mostly people but I'm not including people).

These will not be in any particular order of missability. I'll just be posting stuff whenever it comes to mind.

So part 1 of SIMAS is Muller yogurt.
I loved the variety as pictured above, with the vanilla yogurt and the little milk and white choc balls. I also loved the rum and raisin (they stopped making that tho didn't they?) and the strawberry, and the peach, and the banana with choc flakes. Mmmm I loved the muller rice too. Especially warmed up.
I don't care for the yogurt over here as much. (But the weather's much better!)

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