Saturday, January 19, 2008

Hair Cut

With lana's hair falling out from twisting, it was looking so think and straggly. We got it cut at cost cutters same time Kaya had hers cut, but I swear they just waved the scissors in her general vicinity then charged us $10 for it.

So we took her to a local place today, and they've given her a really short cut. It is sad to see it like a boy's hairstyle, but I really think it's the best cut for her. Should discourage the twisting, looks cute, and it looks less straggly and slightly fuller. It should look even fuller after a good wash and dry.

She was very good about it, seems to love it and especially loved the lolly pop.

Rene got his cut too, still long enough for a pony tail, just a few inches chopped off to make it shorter and neater.

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