Saturday, June 28, 2008

Scottish word of the week - week 1

I'm going to start teaching you all some of my favourite Scottish words. Your challenge is to try to use them in one sentence through the week. Hehe. (I know Matt and Christa will try if no-one else does!)

Week 1 - Scottish word is - SCUNNERED

To be scunnered is essentially to be miffed off, or disgusted, or annoyed or put off something. We generally used it also to mean "up the creek without a paddle". You're basically screwed, nothing you can do to help the situation - you're scunnered.

Example: I've blown all my money at the bookies, now I'm totally scunnered.

William Scott, you can probably provide me a better example. :)


Kyle MacRae said...

'Tis indeed the finest of words :)

Uilleam Alba Mac Gafraidh said...

Nothing better I am afraid,

for example

"oor moolah is well scunnered tae eh get meh first packet fae meh new gaffer!"

Does anyone need an English translation?

Di said...

Oh what fun! Fab idea, Denise. Scunnered. Hmm great word. x

tegan said...

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THanks so much and take care,

Kinsleys3 said...

LOL!!!!!!!!! That is hilarious because you are so right!! I was just thinking "Yeah! We'll try it out for sure!" before I read your comment! Too funny - Hey we still use "stoater"!