Friday, February 6, 2009


Daddy's dropping off Kaya at a friend's for a sleep over just now. She lives just at the bottom of the hill next to our house, about a 2 minute walk away. She tried going for a sleep over to her house a year ago, but she missed us and missed her own house and bedtime routine and wanted to come home. I'm thinking this time she'll stick it out though, she's that wee bit older and more confident.

So I should be enjoying the peace and quiet right? I've often been asked before, "Don't you sometimes just want to be away from your kids for a while?"

My answer is, absolutely not! I'm just not one of those mothers who enjoys time away from my kids. I love being around them. Sure, they drive me crazy sometimes, but I love being near them. I feel kind of lost when they're not around.

So here I am, setting the table for one less, with rather a bit of sadness. I hope she has a blast and I look forward to collecting her again in the morning!


Anonymous said...

I feel exactly the same, Denise, whenever any of mine go for a sleepover at Gran's house. It is so weird to be missing one of them. I love being with mine and miss any one of them terribly.

Hope she has a great time though.

Love your blog by the way. I read it all the time but it takes me about 20 minutes to write comments for some reason.


Stacy Carlson said...

She did great :) The girls played until 10:30, went down and were out by 11! I figured there was no sense in trying to make them sleep, because that simply isn't the point of a sleep over!

William said...

That is so great she is becoming independent!

When she go to college?