Friday, February 27, 2009

Scottish word of the week - 12

(toe - tee) adj. meaning small

i.e. "My Granny was a toatie wee woman"


Snobound said...

Won't be much longer and G will be BIG! Man he's grown!

Kinsleys3 said...

Haha! Oh it's good to have the Scottish Word of the Week back. And I LOVE the new intro! Wow, what a cutie that Glenn is - getting to be not-so toatie! What happened to the newborn?

Herb of Grace said...

THAT was hysTERical :) Love the pj-ed footie at the end.

William said...

Och Niecey, that minds me o the time when Chelsea had first moved ower tae Scotland and she used tae use words like we and toatie wi thur inglish equivalents.

e.g. that is a wee small lassie

Almost as Scottish as tattie scones and broon sauce eh?

(I bet yur murican friends hae nae idea whit eh just banged on aboot eh?)

Niecey said...

Aye, they dinnae ken whit that patter's aw aboot.

I'm looking forward to next word of the week, it's a good word. Hey, if you have any suggestions, fire them at me. We'll run out of ideas eventually.

Snobound said...

At your suggestion, we did a trivia game on Burns night with Scotish words. I got my words from a great website called ( There are loads of great words on there....there are a few others that are a bit....crass. But certainly there's a big enough selection that'd keep ya goin' for several weeks.

Niecey said...

Thanks, there's some good ones in there. In fact, the one we have planned for next week is in there.
Some of them are phrases which they've congealed together and spelled as though they were one were. Like "Amurny" . Really it's Am Urny or something. Meaning I'm are not, or I'm not. But it looks cuter made into one word like that, even if its not authentic.

I've book marked it though, thanks.