Thursday, March 19, 2009

Breakfast ideas

We're trying to get away from eating processed cereals before they kill us.

We were starting to get a little fed up of oatmeal and pancakes, so I tried some new things. They turned out dee-lish so I thought I'd share.

Wheat Berry Breakfast Bowl

Based on this recipe but modified to suit. Also, I made it in the crock pot so it was ready in the morning. I'll be making this again for sure. It made loads of leftovers to just throw in the micro.

Strawberry Panzanella

Yum! From this recipe and it was a huge hit! Made with homemade bread. It becomes sort of candied in the oven, nice and crispy too, and the strawberries on top are so yum.

Strawberry and Mango Smoothies

Strawberries, mango, yogurt and honey. You could do it with tofu and syrup to make it vegan. We all loved it.

Feel free to fire any other vegetarian breakfast suggestions at me. We also do scrambled egg, garlic mushrooms, beans and roasted tomatoes sometimes. And banana toasties. And of course, waffles and french toast.


Rene said...

I wish I could eat breakfast all day.....

Snobound said...

They all look wonderful. I've been considering trying the wheat berry thing, but it's not really SB friendly right now.