Tuesday, March 31, 2009

That was a good weekend

Too often our weekends are spent running errands, getting things done. This weekend was different. We decided to take our Saturday and just spend time together and splurge on some treats, and it was sweet.

First we went out to do a photoshoot. I'm still working on the pics from it but I have a couple.

It was colder outside than we had anticipated. Lana wasn't thrilled about it.

but Kaya and Zoe were co-operative

and I still caught some with Lana

After the photos we went to a kid's consignment sale where they bought toys with some saved up allowance and I got them a couple items of clothing and got myself some nursing clothes, which I'm thrilled with! We enjoyed ourselves.

We then did something we don't do very often anymore (used to do all the time!) - we went out to eat. Nothing fancy, just a subway but it was great fun. Glenn sat up in a high chair and nibbled on bread and we all laughed at how difficult it is for us to all squeeze in to a booth together as our family grows. It was intimate and sweet. And we all enjoyed the food.

All day we had been telling the kids they were going to have a "treat" later in the day, but didn't tell them what it was. They knew there was some nice surprise in store but they didn't know what. After we had eaten it was time to head out to the "treat". They were guessing and getting excited in the car on the way there. Then as soon as they saw "Edgewood Theater" as we pulled into the parking lot, they started squealing with delight. They asked what we were going to watch, and we told them, "monster vs alien" and they errupted in "YAY we get to see SUSAN!!" They were excited.

We all enjoyed the movie, but for me, by far the best part was this trailer:

I can not wait to see this movie. I can't express how much!

Kaya later told me, "This is the best day in my whole life!".

We picked up Uncle Doug on the way home and had fun with him, watching Sarah Jane and sharing laughs. It was a lot of fun. I hope we have many more weekends just like it.

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