Friday, March 27, 2009

My silly hair

I thought I should say something publicly to explain my hair. It seems I've been freaking some people out, when they come to visit and don't expect me to appear the way I do.

See, I have 3 hair pullers in the family. Lana likes to twist her own hair, but if she gets the chance, she especially enjoys snuggling up beside me and twisting my hair. Zoe also seems to have developed the twist mummy's hair gene. She does her own hair occasionally but not very much, mostly, it's mum's. And recently Glenn has jumped on the bandwagon too. Not much he loves more than scooping up a huge fistful of my hair and yanking on it while trying to shovel it in his mouth.

Of course, I'm glad to be a comfort to them. But it flippin' hurts. And I get this aggressive feeling when my hair gets pulled. It's like the red flag to the bull thing.

2 years ago I tried to tame the hair pulling by cutting my hair short. Sounds like a good idea.

Problem was, it looked really stupid. Plus, I feel sort of naked with short hair. It doesn't feel right.

I don't like to mess with my hair. I prefer the natural, witchy look. Just leaving it all messy and tangling up over my shoulders. But I needed to try to get it out of the kids' reach so I tried a few ways of wearing it. I tried a plain old pony tail. But it annoys me. The hair band pulls at my hair and my head doesn't feel flexible enough with a pony tail. I tried a french braid but I suck at them and they keep falling out, plus it makes my head look taller.

So recently I've been pulling my hair into two braided piggy tails. Lana says, "Mum, you look beautiful. You look like a little girl".

I know, I look like an overgrown girl scout. I look ridiculous. Yes, I wear it like this in public too. But ya know what, it's so comfortable. It doesn't get tangled in my diaper bag strap, or in my camera strap, the kids can play with it and it doesn't hurt. It just works. So get used to it.

Also, sorry for all the scary photos of me. I've been playing with the webcam. A girl's allowed to have a little fun right?


Fresh Mommy said...

I think the braided piggys are cute!! And hey, you're a mom... go with what works!!

Herb of Grace said...

I love the piggies :) I wore them for a while but got shamed out of the habit by comments from my sisters...

William (click here for my new blog) said...

I am soooo glad I have so short hair now (as opposed to the hair I had when I was married!)

I think that you should be wearing the hairstyle that you are comfy with!

Snobound said...

You're in the Midwest and the Sacagawea/Pocahontas look is appropriate. Just tell everyone you're waiting for Lewis and Clark to paddle up the river for you.

Kinsleys3 said...

Hehe, I like the Sacagewea-on-the-prairie concept. ;-) Dang that little baby you're holding is SO STINKIN' CUTE!