Thursday, March 5, 2009

Vomit, testifying and new babies

We're having a very adventure filled day today.

Last night, right after drama class, in the car ride home, Kaya started complaining of an upset tummy. As soon as we got home she went straight to our bed and puked all over it. Glenn had just spent the past 2 days puking up his guts, but he only eats milk so the vomit was easier to clean. Thankfully he didn't dehydrate, he was still happy and alert and is now keeping everything down.

Kaya spent all night puking, and daddy was tending to her. In between tending to her, he was writing his testimony for today's hearing at the State Capitol. We're members of Nebraska Friends Of Midwives, an organization trying to increase access to midwifery in the State. We're trying to put through 3 bills and Rene will be testifying on the 3rd bill, which is one of allowing CNMs to attend homebirths in Nebraska (only Nebraska and Alabama don't allow this!) You can watch him testify live online through this link! He'll be in room 1510. It kicks off at 1.00 but I think he'll be on closer to 3.30-4 ish.

And this morning, at maybe 8.30, we had a bit of a homebirth in our own house. Kaya came rushing through to my bedroom, telling me her rabbits had babies! WHAT? Rene has been trying to tell me they are male and female and I guess I didn't believe him. So there are 3 baby bunnies. I separated the one I think is the male. Jeepers, I hope I'm right. Thankfully we had an extra cage for him.

I'm hoping and praying these babies are going to live. The mother had pulled fur, which I read is a good thing. I've placed a little box with nesting material in there, and I put the scattered babies inside. They were cold. I have a heater in the room. The mother seems protective, she stands over them if we go in the room. There is a blanket covering most of the cage, and I am keeping the kids out of the room, and trying to not go in there much. I've made sure the mom has plenty food and water. I'm trying to read all I can online about what the heck I need to do now.

These little babies are so darn adorable. Oh my gosh. They make these tiny little squeaks. I took a couple quick photos. They're not great quality, but I am trying to just stay out and not bother mommy bunny. She's our nervous bunny anyway, the one who's always been least friendly with people, and more timid. I know she needs space to feel safe. It's how I feel too, when I give birth. I don't want people's hands poking me or my babies, I just want space, peace and quiet, privacy and intimacy. Kind of appropriate that they were born on the day of the hearing.

I'll keep you posted on the progress. I've read a bunch online about the first litter usually all dying :( I hope that doesn't happen.


Herb of Grace said...

I'm so sorry to hear about the flu-bug! I guess you've read we just finished off with a bout of it. Hope your's goes faster than ours did...

DJ said...

How can I not read a blog post that starts with the word 'vomit'?!!
Your bunny baby is so adorable, as is the momma-bunny - very handsome. My bunny is fat and grumpy, but adorable nevertheless...

Sam said...

So sorry bout the sick young uns. As regards the bunnies, it's best I avoid that topic. Rabbits and I........... (grin)