Thursday, April 30, 2009

Praise you in this storm

After viewing the movie I made for Stellan, a lady named Eva asked me if I would make one for another baby, named Kayleigh.

So I've spent the past couple of days reading the blog about Kayleigh while collecting images and text for the movie, and praying that God would show me the right song to use.

This is an incredible little girl. Due to placenta issues, her parents were told she wouldn't survive in utero. Her mother got severe pre eclampsia and Kayleigh was born weighing only 1lb. That was 10 months ago. She has since been through many ups and downs, and even open heart surgery.

Unfortunately a recent surgery has left her severely brain damaged and the Drs say her days are numbered. Please pray for this family.

I came across many gut wrenching, beautiful songs that I desired to use for their video, but as I prayed about it, I felt this, albeit mainstream, song was more suited to this couple and their story. They never give up hope, even at this stage they are praying for a miracle.

Please join with the others who are praying for this baby and her family.


Herb of Grace said...

Woah.... Blog makeover! You had me wondering where I was for a minute there. I think you should warn us next time you feel one comin' on...

Momma Miller said...

Oh my. Sooooo beautiful. My sound isn't working very well on this laptop, so I will head to my hubby's computer in a bit. But even without that, this is a gorgeous movie--recapping steps through the journey. Thank you so much for sharing this today! I only recently found Kayleigh's blog and have been praying for the family ever since.