Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sterilizers, breast pumps, bottles

It all feels so clinical.

When Peach was here, I don't think I ever expressed milk. When Kaya was a few months old I started expressing and freezing some. Partly because I just thought that's what nursing mothers were supposed to do. And partly because my Annabel Karmel recipes said to include breast milk in the purees.

In the end, I threw out tons of frozen milk that never got used, it just sat lonely in the freezer until it was past date. So by the time Lana got here, I didn't even bother expressing any milk. Nor for Zoe.

None of my babies have ever had a bottle, ever. It's all been milk directly from me. I've enjoyed it that way. It's simple, convenient, a bonding experience, on tap, sterile and at the perfect temperature. No measuring, mixing, freezing, storing or reheating.

But next Tuesday I'm going under general anesthetic to have all 4 wisdom teeth surgically removed, and after that I'll be on powerful painkillers. I've been told I'll need to "pump and dump" (express milk, then discard it) for at least 6 hours after the surgery.

So I've started building up a supply of milk for Daddy to feed to Turtle while I'm doped up. Yesterday, I worked hard at it and only got 1 oz. I guess I'm inexperienced. But today I tried pumping one side while Turtle fed from the other, then I swapped over. He's better at stimulating the let down. And that worked. I got 5 oz in like 10 minutes. So that went well. I'll need to do a bunch more.

I guess sterilizers, breast pumps and bottles are a good thing for situations like this. I still feel kind of sad, looking at the bottles that will be standing in for me. I'm thankful they're there, so I won't have to give him drug filled milk. But it still feels kind of sad.


Herb of Grace said...

Aww, so sorry for you :( I hope you have friends coming 'round to help afterwards... When my sister had hers out in high school, it took several days for her to feel herself again. I"m sure the little one will be fine though! I stopped nursing earlier than I wanted to for similar reasons (necessary medication that made me nervous to continue). It made me sad too. But he's fine and happy :)

Kinsleys4 said...

You won't have to give him drug filled milk or fake baby milk (ie formula), which maybe is just as bad. ;-) It's only a short time - it won't be so bad! It is a hassle for sure though - I'm glad I'm not having to use mine right now.

So wisdom teeth huh? Yeah I had all for out too. They gave me the option of staying awake or being put to sleep. HA! Like I want to be awake with their hands in my mouth cutting & pulling & whatever else, I don't want to know. Blek! Hope it goes well! Get your yogurt & smoothies ready!

Laura said...

Double check on the painkillers not being compatible with nursing - Dr. Hale has a look-up on

Argh - you threw away frozen milk? Please may I introduce you to I am an active donor (second time around now) - I am a pumping I have to work outside the home. Still, been great to be able to donate to 4 babies now in my pumping career!