Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sometimes, as a mother, I find myelf saying things..

..that I didn't expect to ever say. Sometimes it's something shocking, or so obvious it shouldn't need to be stated. Such as, "no Zoe, shoes are for our feet, not our mouths"

Other times it's something completely random and obscure. Like today, when I heard myself say, "no Kaya, let Lana choose it's name. It is her kiwi after all.

Yes, my vegetarian daughter names her fruit and vegetables (I think the kiwi was named, Henry). And yes, sometimes she refuses to eat it if she gets too attached to it. I never claimed she wasn't quirky.


Close To Home said...

your pic is very sweet! love it!

Momma Miller said...

Heehee! I love how kids give everything a personality. So sweet!


Keri said...

Awe, Henry... how cute is that? Kids are the best, aren't they? So much fun!

Kinsleys4 said...

Cute picture of Lana (though the blue hair is a little punk ;-)

DJ said...

You are SO not alone!!!