Friday, April 24, 2009

When I grow up

Of course, I believe it is my job as a mother, to encourage my children in whatever their endeavors. Whatever career path or life path they choose to follow, I want to be there to encourage them to do their best and serve God through it all.

It is fun though to speculate, based on their personalities, what I can imagine they might choose to do for a living when they reach adulthood. I will do so now.


Kaya is made for leadership. Whatever industry she will end up in, she will have to be the boss of it. That's for certain. Maybe she'll start a charity to help feed the hungry and poor (she has a heart for that), or maybe she'll be the president of a major corporation. Or perhaps she'll be a store manager. Whatever she's involved in, she'll be the boss. The leader. The big man.

She has organization skills. She likes to watch and make sure everyone is playing their part to perfection. She has been this way since she was a newborn, she'd hardly sleep because she was busy watching what was going on around her, judging it and making sure everything was going ok according to her plan.

She has the extrovert personality. She's not afraid to be pushy. She is extremely headstrong and determined. She quit sucking her fingers cold turkey at 4 years old when her grandmother offered her a trip to Disney if she's quit. She potty trained at 26 months, and has only ever had maybe 4 accidents ever in her life (and she had an infection at the time). She potty trained in one day. I don't think she's ever wet the bed. She decides something's right and she goes for it. And pity the fool who gets in her way.


Dear sweet Lana. My partner in crime. She's a peace lovin' tree hugger like her momma. She has a passion for helping the underdog. Lana has a unique perspective on the world. She sees things in ways that most of us could only hope to catch a passing glimpse of. She sees beauty in the ugliness.

She befriends a baby spider, because no one loves it, and she believes it has good intentions. She chooses a toy bat to be her favorite toy, and loves it all the more when it accidentally becomes deformed by being left on top of a lamp and getting melted. She finds one pod in amongst a whole park full of them, which stands out to her from amongst the rest. because it is rounder, or darker, or somehow it just connects with her spirit, and she takes it in and cares for it.

Lana is a story teller. She has imaginary friends galore; I can't keep track of them all. She knows them by name and knows their story and their idiosyncrasies, their families, their loves and hates. They are well developed characters and she is very attached to them. She takes time out to share her food with them, or hold the door open to make sure they all make it back inside before the storm starts.

Lana is fantastic at her school work. She doesn't require a lot of heavily structured learning, yet she's reading and writing and doing great with maths. She picks it up intuitively and without much coaching. She listens to how words sound and tells me how different combination of letters work together and help each other to make new sounds. She even has her own stories about why and how they work that way.

So Lana will be a writer. Not just any old writer. She'll be someone who changes lives with her writing. She'll reduce people to tears, make us see the world in a different light, and make us want to try harder to play our part.

And she'll probably donate all proceeds to a local cat rescue facility (a no kill one) while she stays home with her kids all day. She says she wants to be a mummy when she grows up.


If there was such a thing as a Professional Trouble Maker, that's what I'd put her down for. In lieu, I'll choose the next best thing - Zoe's going to be a politician.

She has the determination and leadership skill of Kaya, although slightly toned down. She is ever so slightly more introverted, though next to Lana she still seems like a socializing maniac. She's a fantastic communicator. She's been speaking in clear sentences since before turning 2. She expresses herself more than adequately, in fact very impressively (but I would think so, I'm her mum), through language.

She enjoys the limelight. When she's around a group of people and catches their attention she steals the show and runs with it. She loves to entertain.

She loves to stir up trouble. Getting her hands dirty with things she's not supposed to be touching (like today, I repotted some strawberry plants, then she uprooted them, so I repotted them again...and she uprooted them I repotted them AGAIN!). She loves to go against the advice of other people (like, Zoe don't touch that, it will fall. Or I don't think you should eat that before supper). Such qualities scream politician to me. I think she'd be a good fit for the job.


He makes people feel good. I've never met a person ever in my life who is as content and perfectly happy as this little guy. He never keeps a smile to himself, or holds back joy. He is a sheer delight to be around. And I hear it all the time. Whenever I take him out, I am guaranteed to have a handful of people say to me, "He is such a happy baby!".

He has been soooo easy to look after. Being around him is a privilege. I'm still watching his personality develop, but for now I'm going to guess that he'll be in some sort of position of making people feel good. Maybe a counselor or therapist, maybe a massage therapist or an entertainer. Maybe that teacher who every kid says was their favorite. Whatever he does, I know he'll be touching people as he does it, and his optimism will be rubbing off all around, and he'll help paint the world a more cheerful shade.

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Momma Miller said...

Oh Niecey. I love this. You've inspired me to go ahead and post one of my draft posts (that's been sitting around for ages) about my kiddos strengths and such.

Your photography is gorgeous. Just stunning. When I grow up, I wanna take photographs just like you. :)

~Shaye (Momma Miller)

allenaim photography and design said...

Lana's pic is SO pretty...

I love this post!!

Di said...

What a beautiful insight to your family, Denise but also something very special for you. You should print this out and put it somewhere safe til their older.

So beautifully written and inspirational! Wow! x

Snobound said...

The way you describe Z makes me think of her grandpa...perhaps she'll grow up to be a preacher instead of a politician! Very well written, and as always, your pics are lovely. I especially like the one of G in his little suit. What a little man!

girl said...

I love all your post processing! And the angles! Great!

Kelly said...

These are all such beautiful and sweet profiles of your children. But the photograph of Lana is just perfection! :)

Kinsleys4 said...

Oh my gosh - that little outfit on Glenn is just TOO much!! Too adorable! What a little man