Monday, April 27, 2009

Signing milk

Turtle can do the milk sign. He signs milk when he's nursing, when he wants to nurse, and when he just wants a drink of water (hasn't quite figured out the difference yet). Here he is signing milk for a drink of water (remember he has half Rene's genes)

I don't know what the weird breath holding thing was all about. That was the only time he's done that. He was just being silly I guess.


Snobound said...

I think your vid link is dead - it won't play.

purejoy said...

i'm sure it's a great sign, but it wouldn't play.
ps amazing video you did for stellan. i imagine you'll have a few hits today thanks to mckmama.

Laura said...

My first was a whiz with signing - I do attribute his early vocal skills with that. #2 seems to be slower, or my memory is all befuddled!

Herb of Grace said...

Yup, link's broken. We have a video of Judah signing milk also :)


DJ said...

So that's what a signing baby looks like! If only I'd persevered!