Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Oh sweet weetabix.
How we love thee.
You taste like home.
You soak up the milk in the bowl,
so satisfactorily
And stick to the table like cement.
What other cereals can claim such powers?
There is none equal to you, oh beloved weetabix.


Rene said...

Weetabix is the best!

Jacquie said...

Love the photo and prose!

Momma Miller said...

Heeheeheehee! This cracks me up! I've never tried Weetabix, but my husband has created an amazing whole grain biscuit that he makes a huge batch of twice a month. I wonder if it would stick to the table like cement. I'll have to try. LOL


Keri said...

Hmmm, interesting. I've never heard of Weetabix. Not ever. Learn something new every day!

DJ said...

Weetabix + hot milk + sugar = heavenly good!