Tuesday, November 10, 2009

i kaya - 3rd episode

Kaya says thanks for all the comments on the last one.

Here's number 3. I think you'll like it. Show it to the kids. :)


lady mommy said...

Sierra's Comment: I want some celery!! I wanna SEE! Again!! Again!! Again!! Again again! Again momma! AGAIN! AGAIN AGAIN!! Momma talk again!! Another one! Another movie PLEASE!

My comment: I laughed so hard at the daddy's belly. I also laughed at mommy choking to death on the water. Good webisode! :)

SarahJeanie said...

Love it! Thanks for sharing Kaya! Can't wait to see another one!

Serina Cooper said...

lol I love these! But I am too afraid to show them to the kids .. because I know the next thing you know I'll have to have iEmily and ICaitlin episodes up on my blog and I dont' want the kids to know this is an option lol. You guys are awesomer than I am .. SO great!