Monday, November 16, 2009

It's what you've been waiting for....

ikaya episode 4! :) :)

Watch this one right to the end, there's an extra bit after the credits. Ah my husband is such a good sport.

FYI no small children were tortured in the making of this movie. The littles were being cuddled and tended to by their dad while we did the drama etc. but they still just screamed anyway, because it's what they do in this household.

1 comment:

MrsW said...

You are all completely bonkers in the nogging!

I blinked way before you!

I loved the play (and I believe you can talk to kittens), so random.

Least said about the dancing the better..... (love yer man's hair!)

Thank you Kaya, I've always been tempted to squeeze into that old high chair in the garage...

Now can you two do "I kissed a girl" to the tune of "Land of Hope and Glory" (I heard this on Radio 4 last night - very funny!)