Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Within 20 minutes of being awake this morning

I had already heard:

I WANT CEREAL!!! (always my alarm clock from Zoe)

Can I have cereal now?

I have a hunger ache.

**Sound of Turtle stepping on my laptop, and stealing my rings**

MUM, Zoe is grabbing fishies out of the tank!!

I'm poopy (from Zoe)

Mum, Turtle's poopy

Hey, where's MY cereal!

I can't reach the bowl, can you reach it?

Waa waa waaa

Where are you mum, I need you to hear this whistle

**Sound of Zoe putting the air conditioning on**

**Sound of Turtle pulling out all the raw potatoes, taking a nibble out of some of them and chucking the rest all over the floor and down the stairs**

Mum, Turtle just grabbed poop from the cat's litter and put it in the cat's water bowl

waaaaa waaa waaaaaaa

I want more cereal

I'm still hungry

Can I play computer. I NEVER get a turn.

No, I want to stay naked

*crying - screaming etc*

Can you help me with the computer game?

The Internet isn't working

Mum, Zoe just pulled your bed covers off

It's going to be one of those days. 10.17 am and I everyone's been up for a couple hours but I haven't been able to make my own breakfast yet....hopefully soon.

Wish me luck. Meanwhile I'm listening to Daniel Bedingfield, "I gotta get through this" (but the internet keeps cutting out and stopping the song half way...)



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Laura said...

Best of luck that you make it through the rest of the day!

Vivian said...

This is so funny I read it to my kids. I too get this but not the poop or cat