Friday, November 27, 2009

Just like his sister

Turtle and Zoe are starting to become quite the monkey duo. Like today, they took out all our killer bunnies cards, including expansion packs and dice and pawns and chucked them all over the floor. Zoe instigates and Turtle follows and chuckles and copies. I have seen him lead her to trouble also. Like a couple days ago he started picking up random objects, chucking them down the stairs and laughing his head off. Zoe was enticed by his amusement at the activity and she jumped right in on the action.

Wherever Zoe is found in our wee house, Turtle will likely be found waddling a few steps behind her, admiring her and imitating her. I'd think it was sweet if she weren't such a terrible influence on the lad.

Today he found her dress on the floor and was thrilled at the opportunity to be more like his idol. He brought the dress to me, and urged me to put it on him with little thrusty bounces and grunts, 1 year old style.

So I put it on, and he was in heaven. Twirling and prancing and letting it flow. He apparently felt so pretty, just like his big sister. He wouldn't let me take it off for hours. I had to take a pic, but since my only two lenses which work indoor have tragically broken (I am deeply grieving), I took pics with my webcam instead. So please excuse the quality.

He does make for one bee-ooooootiful little boy, doesn't he?


4 Lettre Words said...

These are darling!

Carrie said...

How seriously cute are those pictures!

Vivian said...

So funny! I put my first son in a skirt one time because I wanted a girl. lol.. My husband wasn't happy! I have two girls now.. so he's safe!!

Brandy said...

So cute!! Thanks for being a follower of my blog!

Have a great day,

Laura said...

Seriously cute!!! I love 'pretty' boys! And that blond hair!! Be still my heart!

lady mommy said...

I think the top left picture looks like Lana. I can't imagine Jeffery doing anything but chewing on his sister's clothing, but he definitely idolizes her too! They always get into mischief like the mishap with my toilet yesterday UGH! Turtle is a lucky boy growing up with all big sisters :)