Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Coco Keys Birthday Weekend

We went into Omaha on Saturday to go to Coco Keys indoor water resort and spend the night in the hotel there.

Unfortunately the hotel disappointed us. The entrance hall was nicely decorated and the place looked nice and posh, but our room was poorly cleaned. There were blood stains on the tile grout, soap scum on the bath and Rene found a piece of garbage behind the bedside table that had loads of fungus growing all over it! Pretty gross.

The water park bit was fun though.

There's this big bucket that fills with water

Then dumps out over everyone.

Fun fun.

Lana liked the yellow slide

Zoe slept through a lot of it.

But she was awake enough to have fun too

Kaya enjoyed the blue slide

We had a couple of scares. At one point, as I handed the camera over to Rene to put in the locker, in those few seconds, Lana disappeared. I stayed with Zoe and Kaya while Rene went looking for her. Felt like forever. I was very scared. Then she came wandering out with her life vest off saying she was in the bathroom!! I made sure to tell her she has to let us know before she takes off for the bathroom in future.

And Kaya wandered off to the sports pool, which gets pretty wild, because she was following a friend.

Otherwise it all went smoothly.

Lana posed in the hotel room.

After swimming we were too tired to go out and eat so we sent Rene off to take back some buffalo wild wings stuff.

Then that night poor Zoe was up puking. We weren't sure if she was really ill or if she had swallowed too much pool water or something. We were prepared to just go straight home in the morning if need be, but by morning she was keeping her milk down and seemed better.

The morning started off mild out and the kids played outside a little.

Then we tried to go to Denny's for breakfast but it was overcrowded, smoky, dirty looking and people were pushing past in the line. So we left and went to Krispy Kreme instead. (I'm sure I heard angels sing!)

It was delicious! The hot fresh ones especially. Soooo good.

Then we went back to the water park for a few hours. We got Mr Butt Crack for a lifeguard.

And then we packed up for home.
Rene struggling to shove the suitcase etc. in the car in the pic below

By the time we got home it was raining with sleet and very cold. We were so tired we just flopped in bed.

Unfortunately Zoe ended up puking up all that night too and a bit on Monday. But by today she seems better, although a little sleepy and clingy.


Rene said...

that was a very heavy suitcase believe me....

Niecey said...

whatever. It was tiny.

snobound said...

Hubba, hubba...you go Mr. Buttcrack! I don't know that I'd feel too safe with him for a lifeguard!

Kinsleys3 said...

LOL - LOVE the lifeguard! What a hottie! ;-)