Friday, March 7, 2008

Introducing Turtle

I'd like to introduce you to our latest little Docherty, who is expected to arrive sometime around Sep 7th. (which means it'll be more like the 18th!)

On Christmas Eve I peed on one of these

And there were two lines! We've been keeping it secret until we got to a stage where it feels a little safer to share the good news.

I'm about 13 1/2 week along now. I got the u/s at 12 weeks. "Turtle" appears fine! Swimming, waving, using his/her hand as a pillow. Very sweet.

I was really sick and really tired in the first few weeks, and the kids watched a lot of TV! But now I have more energy and I'm feeling a lot better for the most part. My pelvis is already starting to get clicky and poppy, so I'm sure it'll bother me again this time. And my wrists have started aching a little too, but nothing too bad.

This was planned, and we're very thrilled. Everyone seems to think we want a boy, but we LOVE girls are would be more than thrilled with another princess. I'm sure we could handle a boy too, but don't go wishing it on us! hehe. Seriously though, either way I'm going to be thrilled. I just love being a part of the miracle of making a human and bringing them into the world. I love pregnancy, and (strangly enough!) childbirth and the buzz of it all. And I love raising the babies and children and watching the develop and grow personalities and getting to know their spirits. There's nothing I'd rather be doing in life.


Di said...

Oh my goodness! Denise! Congratulations to you all... you have no idea how thrilled I am for you. You're such a wonderful mummy and yes, this is a fantastic thing you're doing.. being home with your little ones.. I would've been the same but due to a pelvic problem could only have c sections and so they sterilised me after the twins! Ugh! God Bless you all! I'm so happy! x

Kinsleys3 said...

Congrats!!!!!!!!!! We are so so happy for you guys! You are stinkers though - I can't believe you kept it a secret for so long!!