Thursday, March 20, 2008

Why do we need to have bones?

I'm just reflecting today on how many learning opportunities for young children the day provides when you are able to spend it together.

I'm homeschooling my children and still finding my style, but for the most part we just wing it. We have workbooks and things which we go through, and we always have an ongoing project, for example just now we're learning about the earth's resources and how we can help preserve them.

But in terms of individual lessons, I find I don't have to make any forward plans. All I have to do is be available to my children and spend time with them, and they start asking questions and if I can't answer them, we find out together. Just at breakfast this morning Lana was asking "Why do we need to have bones?", "how is orange juice made?" and "What happens to food after it goes in your tummy?"

I don't imagine that children have the same opportunities in a traditional school, to just ask random questions as they come up, and while their interest is high. This is definitely one of the pros of homeschooling. It's such a pleasure and privilage to be able to be present while my children are learning about life, to watch them hunger for information and grow in knowledge and skill. It's wonderful to be able to be a part of this process.

I remember one special moment, standing outside Asda grocery store in Scotland on a clear, cool night when Kaya was a few months old. I was holding her and she was looking up at the sky. I pointed to the moon and said "that's the moon. Moon." And then I suddenly thought to myself - I just showed her the moon, she had never seen it before, or noticed it before, and I just had the privilage of teaching her this word for the first time, and showing her the magic of it's luminosity against the night sky. What a wonderful moment. I'm so glad to be homeschooling and to be able to enjoy many such moments.

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thyme4me said...

You're so fortunate and patient to be able to homeschool your children. I have no doubt like all other things you do, you excel at this as well. I love seeing your layouts again. You're still an inspiration to me. And congrats on the baby. This is wonderful news.