Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The good and the not so good

The good, Zoe can draw circles! How clever.

The not so good, she developed this new talent on our white walls!

I managed to get it off thankfully because I caught it right as she was drawing. She was so pleased with herself making big circular motions with pen in hand against the wall, and bending her knees in a little happy dance and smiling all the while.


snobound said...

That's my girl!!!! :)

Di said...

Oh gosh, sorry Denise, but that's just too funny! Bless her heart! I remember those days so well. My eldest was excited when he realised he could run up and down the stairs holding a felt tip pen to the wall and make lots of stripey patterns!! LOL

Lee said...

Oh no!!! One of my little darlings did that once too... unfortunately it was at a friends house... very embarrassing!