Thursday, November 13, 2008

And the bad mother of the year award goes to...

That would be ME!

Let me set the scene: I'm out at the goodwill store parking lot with a shopping cart full of bargains - bulky ones like lamps and shelves. Zoe is in the child seat in the cart, Glenn is in the sling and Kaya and Lana want to just run off to the car without holding hands.

I'm paranoid about walking through car parks. I'm so scared a car will pull out without seeing them or something. The girls just don't pay much attention either and I get so scared.

The car park is on a slope so I push the cart in front of me and stop the wheel with my foot while I take Turtle out of the sling and buckle him into his seat. Meanwhile, Kaya and Lana are refusing to get in the car at the other side, preferring instead to draw on the windows with rain water. So I'm busy buckling G in and yelling at the girls to get in the car so they don't get hit, when I hear some kid screaming. Sounds like it's coming from the middle of the car park.

I giggle to myself, feeling quite pleased that someone else is having trouble with their kid and it's not my own screaming for a change. This voice continued wailing "waaaaaaaa", sounding pretty distressed and kind of familiar - I guess all kids sound the same when they're upset.

I'm still yelling at K and L while this voice screaming grows increasingly distant and I think to myself how nice it is that Zoe is being nice and quiet, and I finish buckling in Glenn and turn to smile at....Zoe....Zoe? Zoe?

As I turn round and see her and the cart at the other side of the car park, after stopping itself against a parked truck with a lady in the passenger seat, it dawns on me that the voice all along had been Zoe's. I don't know how it got passed my foot without me feeling it.

I ran to her and she burst out laughing. She thought it was a trip. The lady in the truck was laughing too. Thankfully, it was a small car park, she didn't go too far and was perfectly ok. But still I was pretty darn shaken up.

I'm able to laugh about it now. Poor girl, I imagine her flailing and wailing while she went "weeeeee" in the cart. Good grief. I felt terrible. That's a story I'm sure I'll retell a few times!


Kinsleys3 said...

Hehe, yeah it's always funnier when it happens to someone else. I've heard of plenty of people that's happened to! Next time you talk to Kim L., ask her about Marin taking a ride through the parking lot when she was little. ;-)

Rene said...

Its just too funny....