Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Buddy Ha Ha

Zoe likes the Veggie Tales song, "Belly Button".

Sorry, let me rephrase that, without the mega understatement. Zoe is OBSESSED with the Belly Button song. She calls it "A Buddy Ha Ha" and it has to be on the computer on repeat all day or else she totally flips out and is not content until we put it back on again.

This is a typical scene of her requesting "A Buddy Ha Ha"

Thing is, she doesn't really sing along apart from this one word. There's a rap part in the song, and a line that goes, "We can offer a prosthetic but of course you'd have to know, it'd be covered by your shirt, but not your HMO"
The backing vocals come in to reinforce the word "shirt" and so does Zoe. It's the only word she joins in for and she shouts it loud.

Problem is, she doesn't pronounce the "r", which makes it sound like a completely different word. And she's taken to spontaneously shouting it out of context, I guess when she hears the song playing in her head. I'm thinking I might have some explaining to do at church!


Snobound said...

Ah yes, the screaming demands of a 19 month old...oh how I don't envy you!

Kinsleys3 said...

Ah great, a toddler with tourettes. ;-)

Rene said...

No idea where she gets it from....