Sunday, November 30, 2008

Happy Birthday to my love

Rene turned 30 today. He's been pretty depressed about it for a while, but by today he had accepted it and has taken it like a man, like an old man hehe.

It was a fun day. We woke up and Rene stayed in bed while the girls and I went down and got Rene's birthday presents. He got a mug, a kettle, some socks, a fishing game (which Kaya got for free at a yard sale and kept secret from Rene for weeks, and a bag of doritos which Kaya bought with her own money.

Then we went out to church and I saw the lead singer from the casting pearls, who are now called Vota. I loved this band from back when I was in Scotland, they're one of my favourite bands ever. Then I moved here to Lincoln and was buying tickets for a consert when my husband pointed out they were from Lincoln! I couldn't believe it. So he was at church today and I couldn't stand to talk to him I was too star struck.

Then we came home and Rene had a surprise birthday party. My friend Stacy helped set it all up and a bunch of friends came and brought food and we had a bunch of fun. We even got a game of killer bunnies going at the end. Awesome. Rene was very surprised and felt very loved.

Then to top off a fantastic day, tonight as I was changing Glenn's diaper he gave me his first real laugh! Rene says he got a snigger from him before, but there were no witnesses so it doesn't count. I got a short but very loud laugh and it was adorable. Made my day.

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Kinsleys3 said...

Happy Birthday Rene! Wish we could've been there to celebrate your climb over the hill! ;-)