Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thankful for quick baths in the sink

Ok I haven't kept up well with the thankful thing, sorry.

My girls were 3+ times a day poopers when they were little babies. Glenn, however, saves it up for a few days then lets it all go at once!

And when he does finally blow it's like he fills his diaper to saturation with cheese sauce. Warm, squishy, dark yellow, grainy cheese sauce. It not only looks like cheese sauce, it smells exactly like it too. It smells delicious! I'd be tempted to pour some of it over my elbow pasta if not for the fact that I know it's poop.

Anyway, he made one of these secret recipe cheese sauce diapers the other day and the stuff was stuck on his bum and wouldn't shift. So we quickly filled the sink with water and California Baby bubbles and scrubbed him down. He seemed to enjoy his bath in the sink, though it was a little cramped up. Of course we got pictures

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