Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Lord Provides

I'm always humbled by the ways God provides for us.

Money is tight right now. We have no savings and at the end of every month we're diving into the pennies jar to make ends meet. I know it's hard times for everyone with the economy and bla bla bla (I've made a personal commitment to myself not to get political on my blog. There's enough of that on the web already!).

So anyway tonight the doorbell rang and it was a lady and a gentleman from St Mark's Methodist church giving us a bunch of thanksgiving food for free! We hadn't signed up for any programs or anything. They just had one basket leftover and their pastor instructed them to drive out and give it to the first house with bikes outside.

As "chance" would have it (or as God would have it!) we had a bike sitting in our yard that some neighbourhood kid had left. It's been there for a few days, we don't even know who it belongs to.

So they gave us loads of food, milk, fruit, tinned food, even a pumpkin pie!

Thanks God, for finding another creative way to see us through til next wage check. I need to stop worrying and remember that God always provides! He's never failed to yet.


Snobound said...

We serve a mighty big God who cares about our smallest needs! Awesome post - I'm rejoicing with you!

Kinsleys3 said...

Praise the Lord! It's encouraging to hear stories like that to remind me to stop fretting myself and know that the Lord will provide. :-)

Rene said...
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Rene said...

When stuff like this happens to us, I just fall apart inside in awe and wonder. That man-self-pride thing disintegrates as each wave of feeling of his presence, comes upon me. I ask myself "why am I so surprised?" I guess Im reminded of how "nothing" I really am, yet he still is faithful to me!