Monday, November 3, 2008

Scotland's got talent

I've been listening to pandora radio and discovered a couple new artists recently.

First is called Alexi Murdoch

Apparently he sounds exactly just like Nick Drake. His music had been categorized as New Folk, Alternative and Industrial. Whatever it is, I love it! I love to relax to it in the evenings while I'm playing around with photoshop and the kids are tucked in bed.

As I read his bio in Rhapsody I discovered he is from Scotland. Why should I be surprised? All the most talented people seem to come from Scotland.

The next guy I've recently started listening to blows me away with his music. He's not just a pretty face, though he is that too! (not as much as Rene though of course ;-)) His voice is beautiful. It seems he's been popular for a wee while, and I've just now discovered him.

Paolo Nutini

And again, I was sitting listening to him and loving it, then read on Rhapsody that he's from Paisley, Scotland. Wow. Now a lot of good things come from Scotland, but not a lot good comes out of Paisley! hehe. I'm very impressed.

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Rene said...

Coming out of Paisley its beyond suprising. There are only three worse places in Scotland - Airdrie, Coatbridge and of course Dundee - the butthole of Scotland.