Saturday, January 3, 2009

Ahhhh that's more like it.

Glenn slept so well last night! My boobs hadn't expected it, based on the previous night and were in overproductive mode. I had to wake him to feed him at about 6.30 am lest I explode. He had a guzzle with his eyes closed then went straight back to sleep. And is still sleeping now at 10.30 am!

I'm in a much better mood today. On my to do list is : visit post office, visit library ON MY OWN to get myself a book, do a huge clean and purge of the house, with Rene's help of course, take down tree and decorations, grudgingly (not ready for Christmas to be done)

Here's a layout. Blessed Are The Tears That Fall is a beautiful Bryan Duncan song.


Sam said...

One of my favorite BD songs of all time. Then again, most of his songs are.

Anonymous said...

Sleeping until 1030 is awesome. I am a nursing mom and I can only go about 6 hours before I am so engorged it hurts. So I either feed baby or have to pump.