Monday, January 19, 2009

We've got bunnies

I didn't get round to posting this until now, just because it took me so long to get round to getting pics off my camera and uploaded to smugmug

Kaya got 2 bunnies for Christmas! She called then Nick and Neddy. Santa lucked out and got the bunnies, their cages, food, bedding, hay and water dispenser all for free from craigslist. They were waiting by the tree on Christmas morning and Kaya has been thrilled with them!

They're very cute. Cutting their nails is terrifying. They're really calm though and handle it well. We're trying to litter train them, they do most poops in the litter tray but not all.


Kinsleys3 said...

That's great! When I first saw the heading of your post - before I saw the picture - I thought this was going to be about KILLER bunnies! But these bunnies don't look like killers. Very cute.

Snobound said...

Mmmmmmm, what's for dinner??!!!! Rabbit is especially tasty, and the most healthy meat around. Grandpa will want his roasted!