Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Update on my Belle

I was looking through old posts and realized I hadn't given an update on this post or this one.

So first the eye surgery.

The stent was intended to remain in for 3-4 months before being removed in office. Unfortunately it came out on its own much earlier.

I was very worried that it meant the whole surgery was useless, a waste of time and money, and that we had put her through it all for nothing. But, thankfully, it seems it was successful! We've had no more problems with sticky or runny eyes. And the eye Dr said she's all better and we never have to go back for a check up or anything. She has normal, healthy eyes now! It's just wonderful.

Then there's the depression thing. Or whatever it was.

There has been a dramatic improvement in Lana. I think some dietary changes have made a difference. I think mostly though, the main thing has been her simply seeing that when we moved house this time, we didn't completely move away, we're still in Lincoln, going to the same groups and libraries and museums etc. I think she had gone into somewhat a depression because she was so scared of moving again, after moving from Scotland and then from Maine so soon.

Since we moved to our new house last April, she's been getting along wonderfully with our neighbour girls, and is growing and blossoming into a unique and for the most part, happy child.

I am convinced she still has sensory integration issues. She's incredibly sensitive to anything scratchy or uncomfortable. But this issue has also improved tremendously with a healthier attitude and healthier body. She is not as sensitive to sounds, she doesn't cover her ears anymore, she can handle wearing a greater variety of clothes than before, and is much more cuddly and accepts hugs and physical touch.

She still twists her hair, and won't be able to grow it long for a good while, I'd imagine. That's just Lana. It's how she copes with a world that's very overwhelming to her. She's no longer putting herself to sleep multiple times a day, nor lying around on the floor for hours on end without talking. She's like a new person.

She plays all day, she's busting at the seems with imagination and creativity. She's a veryunique girl who lives in her own world, for sure. But now she allows us to visit that world and see its beauty. She has a whole city of imaginary friends with backstories and neighbourhoods - she knows who lives beside whom, and who has what magic powers. They visit with her often and give her gifts. At any given time she has an imaginary cat or snake or baby ghost on her shoulder or head or in her pocket. And she'll talk and talk and talk about them. They make her suddenly bust out laughing in the middle of supper or watching a movie, because they do something silly.

Lana's so in touch with this whole realm of life that many of us just don't see or get. She's incredibly intuitive, and internal. Whatever is going on in life, Lana is always experiencing just a version of it. She's not quite completely with us in the real world, she's in her own parallell one, very close to ours, but prettier.

She's a loving, caring big sister. It took a good year and a half for her to fully accept Zoe, but she eventually did, and she cares for her and teaches her and plays with her and nurtures her. She loves to hold and dote over her baby brother, she hasn't expressed an ounce of jealousy towards him, but has been completely, selflessly in love with him from day one. He adores her too, and lights up whenever she sits beside him and talks to him.

She socializes and plays. She loves Sunday school at the new church, even though she's in a class on her own, without her sister there. She gets involved and is sad when its over.

She communicates and compromises so well with her sister. It's inspiring to sit it out when they're fighting, instead of intervening, and to hear them come to an agreement all on their own, and apologize and forgive each other then carry on playing happily.

I'm so proud of the beautiful (inside and out) girl Lana is blossoming into. I'm so happy that she is much healthier and happier. I'm sure we'll have trials with her in the future. But I feel like God gave us something incredibly unique and special in Lana. She's a little piece of enchantment, and a connection to a magical world. It's a blessing to share my days with her.


Kinsleys3 said...

I did wonder how all that was going. Praise the Lord she's doing so well and your worries have been relieved.

Snobound said...

I am so very happy to know that she's doing better. I did notice a huge improvement (based on what I'd read from your blog before) when we were there a few months ago.

Anonymous said...

Your girls are so beautiful. Children are the best gift God could ever give us. I am so blessed to have my two little boys. Many blessings to you and your family.

Di said...

Oh that's such a great update and good news, Denise. I'm so thrilled. She was such a tiny little thing when I saw her last...LOL And now grown into a lovely little girl. I'm so thrilled for you, as her mum, that there's great improvement. Love your photos too.. as always.. *hugs*

myrmom said...

I am so happy to hear how well Lana is doing's hard when you don't know what is wrong and you don't know how to help them. It sounds like Lana how the best mama for her, not very many people would be so accepting and excited about the imaginative and amazing girl Lana is!! She is a beauty!