Thursday, January 29, 2009

Helping with baking

I love that Zoe is at the age now where she can help bake things, and not just help make a mess! We had fun making these donuts, even though they tasted crap (I don't have a deep fat fryer and do a bad job of frying with a regular pan)


DJ said...

Rory is exactly the same - wants to help with everything, as soon as I go into the kitchen I can hear him following with his little step clattering behind! If you're having trouble with shallow-frying donuts, frugalveggiemama-dot-blogspot-dot-com has a great recipe for baked donuts!

Kinsleys3 said...

What a big girl!

Niecey said...

ooh thanks. I do read that blog sometimes, but I hadn't noticed the recipe. off to check it out now

William said...

Hey well done to the little helpers!

Also Apol to your hubby I missed his call, remember I am 2 hours behind you, I was still at work and my reception is poor on my cell phone there!

I have a day off on Tuesday if he wants to catch up, failing that, there is always the weekend (just not during Super Bowl - I wouldn't even answer the phone to the pope!)