Thursday, January 22, 2009

feak pie supper

One of the meals we used to enjoy in Scotland, when I was a carnivore, was steak pie and chips.

With all this puff pastry I've been making I figured I'd have a go at some veggie steak pie, or "feak pie" as I've been calling it.

It was a make it up as you go along thing, so I didn't expect it to work out. but it sure did. I think it will become a staple around here. It was even better than the real thing. And nothing had to die for it.

I made the seitan the night before, and it was the best seitan recipe ever. I'll be using it in future. So beefy and not rubbery, it was moist and juicy. Mmmmm. Then I cooked it up with the cooking (beef style) broth, some flour, seasonings, carrots and peas.

Then on went the puff pastry and I bunged it in the oven for...a while (didn't count or anything)

It was full of flavor, perfect texture. yummy.

And I made chip shop style chips to go with it, with plenty of salt and malt vinegar.


Snobound said...

Sorry, but it's still fake meat...and it looks a bit like the old commercials for "Gravy Train" dog food. It was the kind that had carrots and peas in it and it also came in its own gravy. Ugh...nasty.

Niecey said...

Since you didn't taste it I guess you can't take my word for it. But I promise it was delightful. One of the yummiest meals I've had in a while.
Maybe I should just stop posting about food on the blog and stick to just pics of the kids.

Rene said...

Well take it from this meat eater -

It freakin' ROCKED!!

It totally kicked the bottom out of the steak pie we ate at ASDA that time. Im hopeing it will be on the menu at least once a week. Of all the meat alternatives Ive ever tried - this is BY FAR the best. I genuinely wouldn't have known it wasn't meat, had I not seen it being cooked.

On a side note, if you don't fancy this Im sure you would enjoy a nice juicy hot dog instead - made up of all the squished up bits of animals that also go in your dog's food. Enjoy.

William said...

Send us over a food parcel here in California and we will judge for oorsel's!

Laura said...

You need an ashet girl! My Mum got me two - my hubby's favourite meal I make is Steak Pie!