Friday, May 15, 2009

Doing better today

This pic embarrasses me because it's center point is my oversized, floppy boob... but Kaya took it and I think it's really sweet despite breast.

Thanks for all the awesome, kind, encouraging comments on my "confessing failure" post. I was really touched and it really helped.

I'm glad to say I am (at least momentarily) coming out of the slump. I've had a couple of much better days. I thought I'd share some of my accomplishments today:

Made breakfast - What berries, hot milk, vanilla and maple syrup (yum)

Got the kids and myself dressed

Headed out to foodnet - got some goodies including a watermelon - terriaki tofu and an interesting looking veggie dip. I survived Zoe's episode of trying to run away from me, through the entire building

Took the kids to the zoo, despite the rain and the severe thunderstorm warning

Saw a baby horse and other animals. Let the kids play in wet sand.

Piled kids back in car and went to allotment/garden patch. Did some weeding and some planting and some stopping kids from trampling everyone else's plants! Also put in a fish windmill, to scare off bunnies - a bit of an experiment anyway.

Back home, wet, muddy, tired and satisfied.

Turtle had a freak out session, which he NEVER does. I knew something was wrong. We was high pitched screaming, but wouldn't nurse. I stripped him down - no mark on him. Massaged his tummy, which didn't help. Then I found a transparent sticker stuck on the roof of his mouth! Removed it and he was a happy chappy, though I had a bit of post traumatic stress.

Did laundry, took out trash in bathroom and bedroom. Swept, cleaned kitchen, tidied livingroom.

Cooked supper.

Now my brother is over, it's Friday night and I'm chillin' and getting ready for tv-athon when the kids are asleep.


Fresh Mommy said...

I think it's a cute picture... and I'm drawn to the hands, LOL, although what you said was a bit funny. Keep coming out of the slump, you can do it!


Snobound said...

How did a sticker get into G's mouth? I'm glad you had a better day - it sounds like it was a busy one too! :^)

babygirl said...

im new to your site and i like your blog im sorry about heather and i knew about baby kayliegh and the tears were there beleive me. i hope the family is doing ok and they are in my prayers.
when my lil miss ashley was born at 33 wks premature due to the cord being wrapped around her neck she had to come home with a monitor because her heart would constantly stop and start up and i remeber thinking how hard it was to sleep and in away i was glad to have the monitor but then when i heard it go off which it did quite often it was very scarey and the medicines she had to take at such a young age i thank god for letting her finally outgrow sleep apnea and letting her still be with us. i know first hand the scareyness and i pray that other get a happy ending like myself hope you get through your hard times i couldnt imagine and hope i dont have to understand how you are feeling but i do hope things get better

Herb of Grace said...

Oh man, don't you hate it when they can't talk yet?? That happened to us once before, but the child in question had a hair tightly wrapped around a pinky toe. We didn't discover it until the toe started to turn funny colors...

Kinsleys4 said...

Very cute picture. I would never have noticed anything but the hands if you hadn't made such a fuss about it! ;-) Kaya is going to be an amazing photographer like her mom. :-)