Saturday, May 16, 2009

I found a great new use for my bra

Firstly, I apologize in advance to my Dad, who reads this blog to check up on how the kids and I are doing father wants to hear their daughter talk about their bra. Sorry Dad.

I needed to get some more weeding and planting done at my garden patch today. It's been difficult to get much done through the week because I have the kids with me and they tend to run off in different directions as soon as I let them loose down at the allotments. So today I left all four of them with their Daddy, even though the youngest is sick and has been puking, high temp and generally feeling miserable all day. In addition to our 4, he had the neighbors' 3 kids over too. So it was 7 against 1.

Whilst he was busy making young children giggle, and caring for sick babies, I was working away in the sunshine, bopping along to my ipod nano.

Have you ever seen this video?

(video removed because my blog seemed broken and I'm hoping taking off the video might help)

It was kind of like that for me today. I started off pulling weeds and listening to some good worship songs, and prayerfully humming or whistling along. The songs were so powerful. I could only take so much of this praise music at full volume pumping into my soul before I had to just close my eyes in the middle of the garden patch, ignoring the dude on his cell phone in the corner and the old man in his little drive along scooter thingy who kept trying to talk to me about gardens and the grandfather out with 2 young girls on bikes, and just sing to Jesus at the top of my lungs, with my eyes closed and mud covered hands lifted high.

It was amazing. I was praying mostly for Adam and Aimee Freeman who bury their sweet daughter tomorrow. I was also praying for a couple of friends of ours who are having marriage difficulties. And I was praying for me too. For a closer walk with Jesus. And out there in the hot sun, without the kids around, without distractions, and with beautiful music dancing on my ear drums, I just got lost in worship, and it renewed my spirit.

The annoying thing was, my ipod kept falling out of my pocket when I bent over to pick out a weed. It really interrupted the spirit of things. So eventually I looked around, to make sure no one was looking, and I stuffed the ipod in my bra. And it stayed put just great. Rene's awesome Nana used to keep her purse stuffed in her bra, so I did this in tribute to her. Who ever knew bras could be so multi-purpose?

The loud singing of praises didn't embarrass me, nor did my stuffing an mp3 player in my undergarment, but I was very embarrassed as I was trying to leave and my car alarm started going off, and I couldn't figure out for the life of me how to switch the darn thing off. It's done it to me twice this week now. I think there's some electrical fault. Or it's possessed or something. Then everyone was really staring, and I had wanted to make this really cool exit; yanno, singing girl doesn't care if people stare, she plays cool and then drives off. But I ended up talking to my car while my face turned red and I sighed and frantically pressed panic buttons and got in and out of the car as I drew more and more attention to myself.

Then eventually I sorted it, drove home and saw that Rene was coping great. Maybe we should hurry up and have 3 are so much fun.


Vicky said...

You had what my husband calls being happy and grateful with small things. While doing gardening God was talking to you and that made you really happy. This afternoon I was strolling in Battersea Park - miserable day, cold and rainy - and I couldn't be happier and felt how blessed I was to be with that man God brought to me.

Herb of Grace said...

Gardening always renews my spirit in just this way. When I was recovering from the m/c I built a new garden and pond and I find myself looking for weeds to pull any time I need some regeneration and restoration.

Keri said...

I've been using my undergarments as an IPod holder for a while now...who knew they could be so helpful!! I enjoy your writing and the videos you make!

Kinsleys4 said...

When we were living in the apt. in Lincoln, I'd take my bike out for a ride but often didn't have a pocket for my keys. So I'd look quickly from side to side and QUICK stick my keys down my bra. :-D You gotta do what you gotta do!

Momma Miller said...

Okay girl. So I'm reading this post and I'm crying over the mention of the Freeman's little Kayleigh (I've been out of town and didn't know she had passed away) and then I get to your bra bit and burst out with a giggle. Thank you for that, sweet friend.

I'm ready to go dig in my own garden and enjoy some wonderful worship!

~Shaye (Momma Miller)