Monday, May 18, 2009

Not Me Monday

I'm joining in MckMama's Not Me Monday again this week, cause I had a lot of "not me" stuff happen yesterday.

Here's what I *wish* I didn't do yesterday...

I did not do some silly lane hopping and slightly crazy driving to try to beat my husband to church, in reaction to the kids in my car screaming and goading me on, "Faster, faster! He's getting closer!"

I totally didn't cry my eyes out in the car, in front of the neighbor's kids, when "He's My Son" came on the radio. (when we got out I saw that my husband had been crying too! And he totally owned up to it)

I also didn't get to church only to find that I hadn't brought my wallet with me, nor had my husband brought his. So we had no ID, nor money.

When Turtle pooped in Church, I totally didn't realize that I had left the diaper bag at home, and have to let him sit in it until we got home. :( Cause that would have been really really bad of me.

I didn't take him out to nurse him at the very end of the service, and while I was looking down at him nursing, I totally didn't notice that my shirt was freakin' INSIDE OUT. I also didn't then pop him off, run to my husband (who was also in the cry room, with Zoe) and dump Glenn on him while I ran to the bathroom to change my shirt to inside in. How embarrassing would that have been if it really happened?

After church, I didn't find out that my gas light was on and tank was at empty. I then didn't drive home at 40 miles per hour, clear across town to try to make the gas last, because we of course didn't have wallets with us and had also left our cell phones.

Thankfully, despite all that I did *not* do, I can say that we in fact *did* get home ok. And next week I shall be much more organized!

And as Jasmine Star would say: Because all posts are better with a photo...


Laura said...

I never turned up to a doctor appointment with Taran in a poopy diaper only to discover that I had also left the diaper bag at home and had to beg for a clean diaper from them. Nope - not me either!

Krystal said...

Bless your heart! That is totally something that would happen to me!

Kinsleys4 said...

Look how big he looks! So sweet

Fresh Mommy said...

Hahaha, sounds like a very full Sunday!!! LOL Looks like you made it home ok!

And great picture! I agree, all posts are better with pictures.