Friday, May 22, 2009

Fix it Friday

I've been posting my fix its over at smugmug, but a few of you have asked me photoshop questions so I figured I'd go ahead and post this here.

This weeks I heart faces fix it Friday is a picture of a sweet, but sad looking little girl. Anyone who follows me on twitter may have seen that my stylus died on me this week. I *need* my stylus to do photoshop. Otherwise it's like trying to skip rope without the rope, or trying to eat without a mouth, or trying to do a road trip without a car, or trying to have breakfast without oatmeal, or trying to socialize without talking about your kids, or kids tv or anything kid related. You get the picture.

I have a new stylus on the way, thanks to my wonderful, compassionate, hard working husband. (sucking up? me? no way) And I was going to skip on this week's fix it Friday, since my hands are so naked today. But this little girl looked so sad.

So I rolled my fingers, clumsily all over the tracker pad thingy on my laptop and made a fix on the photo. Because she needed a little happiness, a little sharpness and a bit of a color fix.

My process was basically:

- liquify tool to her mouth and brows, to make her happier

- paint, sharpen, dodge and burn on her eyes

- curves for brightness, contrast and color

- curves and mask for lighting fix

- alien skin bokeh for soft blur around edges

- high pass sharpen over whole image

And that was it. Here's the b4 and after.

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Doré said...

I love the way you turned her mouth into a smile! Anytime I try liquefy, everyone ends up looking like aliens!! Great job!!

Momma Miller said...

This is absolutely astounding, Niecey! I can't get over it.

I've been away for a long time...gonna have to find some time to do some catching up with everyone and see what you've been doing the last 2-3 weeks!



AJ said...

That liquify is fun! Great work :).

Betty Jo said...

How cute! I love the smile. ♥