Saturday, December 12, 2009

The morning after the day before

Thank you all so much for the kind messages, e-mails, comments and thoughts and prayers.

It couldn't have gone any better than it did. Well, I guess I *could* have won the lottery too, but lets not get carried away now.

We dropped the girls off at the farm in the morning, expecting it to be for a couple hours then Rene would come pick them back up. Then we got to the hospital and they put an enormous gown on me and some funky slipper socks which I *hope* I was supposed to keep because I sort of did. Heck it costs thousands of dollars, the least they can do is throw in a free pair of socks, right? They started the iv etc and everyone loved cooing at Turtle who was grinning and saying, "yeah" to everyone and soaking up the attention. He is just like his Daddy! It was wonderful to have them both there. I'm such a nervous wreck without my husband and I feel naked without my kids. So at least I could still be in mommy mode which helped me feel authentic. So a huge thank you to Laura Chisholm for her awesome friendship and willingness to put up with my kids for so long, and make gingerbread houses with them and let them wreck your house and feed them.

Rene decided he didn't want to leave my side so he called Laura and asked her to keep them for longer.

Everyone was making preparations for me to spend the night, telling me where my room would be and getting ready to move our belongings etc. The Dr had acted like he was stretching it to do me a favor by making it only one night. I think he expected more complications because of my weight. More issues with the anesthesia and more layers to cut through so more potential issues there. But he didn't anticipate that I had an army of prayer warriors on my side.

They wheeled me through to the big creepy white and blue room full of machines and an insane number of busy people all making preps for my surgery, and I got scared and said lots of stupid things. Thankfully I had my glasses off so I was blind as a bat which helped me stay sort of oblivious. Soon I was fast asleep and the next hour or so is hazy. They gave me some morphine and hydrocodone so I felt pretty good.

I felt even better when Rene and Turtle came back in to brighten up the room. And they told me it went surprisingly well, and since i had a note on the papers to say I was *depserate* to go home as soon as possible they could get my discharge papers ready and send me home! Woohoo. So no sleeping in the hospital alone for me.

I came home, woozy and sleepy, then got insomnia. Oh well. Kaya was almost disappointed to see me because she had prepped herself to miss me and made me beautiful cards and had me take these photos before I left so she'd remember me.

It was a bit anticlimactic for her I think. But Lana and Zoe were excited to see me and cuddle in bed and watch a movie while Rene cooked ordered supper. And I know Rene, who has a sore head and is getting a cold, appreciated having me here to help with Turtle who didn't do a lot of sleeping last night. I hate to think of him being on his own dealing with a non sleeping babe who wants nothing but his mama.

And even better news...I'm still holding my breath about it, but we've been told we *may* not have the preexisting conditions clause because of a group policy issue. And we may be able to get financial assistance from the hospital because of our income level. That would be wonderful.. especially since the hospital website states these surgeries can cost between $8000-$30000 which is an unimaginable amount of money. We'll see how that works out.

I'm not in too much pain, mostly discomfort. But compared to the gallbladder pain I was having before this is a breeze. I'll be on meds for a few days and will take it easy. But I'm HOME! I have my weekend with my family! I am so thrilled. It's over and done with and wasn't too bad at all. I'm sure it has everything to do with your prayers.

A big holla to Laura Chisholm for winning the day.

Have a great weekend, peeps.


Blessedw5mom said...

Oh!!! Praising the Lord for you!!!! And will continue to pray about the $$ side of things. So glad to hear are tucked into your own bed with your own family!

2Shaye ♪♫ said...

Glad to hear that you're back home and on the mend. I really hope that you'll apply for whatever help is available right away. The hospital here didn't let one very low income family get the hospital discount only because they didn't apply for it right around the time of their visit. I can't get over some of these policies, but now it makes me encourage others to apply for the help even if they don't know if they'll need it just yet.

Warm hugs,


Valeria said...

see!?? you are home and everything went perfectly! did you have a laparoscopic procedure? here we usually keep the patient at least one night.
I'm happy you are home already!

MrsW said...

Aw that's BRILLIANT news - triffic!

Herb of Grace said...

So glad everything went well! crossing my fingers for you over the insurance... Insurance companies are the WORST. It's like the Mafia...

Tracy said...

Niecey, I'm so glad you had it done and that it went well. I will keep you in my prayers as you recover and sort out the financial end of it. God bless!

Kathie said...

I was thinking of you on Friday--so glad everything went well. :-) God is so good.

Take care now, your recovery will be quicker if you take it really easy.

Sarah said...

I am glad to hear that your surgery went well, and that you are recovering. Surgery is scary...
Great news about the possible non-pre-existing condition and financial help/relief~ I hope that all works out!

Hey, by the won 2 contests at my site...come find it, e-mail me your contact info...and get your prizes! :)

Michelle M. said...

I am still SO behind on reading blogs, and I am just now getting caught up on yours.

I am glad that your surgery went well and that you didn't have to be away from your children. Prayers for a quick and easy recovery!

4 Lettre Words said...

So happy that the surgery went well, and I'm [praying that the cost for you is low.

I have a bad gallbladder and a hole in my stomach muscle from Luke's pregnancy, so I know I'll have surgery in the near future. It's scary for Mama! XOXO!!