Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tot Talk Tuesday

It's been snowing here in Nebraska! Plenty. And it doesn't show signs of stopping (I've brought some corn for poppin'). You'll be singing that song all day now.

We have the perfect hill in our back yard for sledding. So we went out yesterday. It was a bit of an ordeal actually, finding all the winter coats, snow trousers and snow boots, finding gloves and putting them on everyone, then getting them to keep them on while I kitted up the siblings. It took at least an hour to get everyone weather proof.

Then when we were out, Turtle hated the snow and particularly hated being all puffed up in layers of clothing and he screamed bloody murder. So we spent about 5 minutes out there before we had to head back in for hot chocolate (ala Kaya).

Anyway while we were getting ready to go out, Zoe was getting very excited and chanting,

"I want to go to bogganing. This is my bogganing and that one is Kaya's bogganing."


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MrsW said...

Oh I am SO jealous. I'd like to say we've had a hard frost here in Perthshire but it's actually been a bit woosey. I miss snow! AND bogganing!

2Shaye ♪♫ said...

Man, oh man, do I know what you mean about the ordeal of going to play in the snow! Between the snowpants, the coats, the gloves, hats, boots, oh and I mustn't forget my camera to document this beautiful Nebraska snow ('cause next week it may be sunny and warm again)...when one of my kids ask if they can go play in the snow, my heart nearly skips a beat. Because if one goes, we ALL go. OY.

As I'm slowly easing back into blogging, I'm really looking forward to doing TTT again. I love saving those sweet little words and memories each week. So special!!